Club Candids

Club Candids: Odd Future After Party at Rocky Point Cantina

The members of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (or just Odd Future, if you prefer) staged an invasion of Tempe this past weekend, and every minute of it was pure fun.

First, they took over Cowtown Skateboards and fooled around with fans at their pop-up "Sweatshop," signing autographs, moving merch, and even farting on girls (if one such lass -- who claimed that Taco broke wind on her -- is to be believed).

Next, they reigned supreme at the Marquee Theatre during the evening and filled the music venue with their anarcho-rap chaos during an inane and insane concert.

And finally, it was off to beach bar Rocky Point Cantina for the official after-party.  

Club Candids managed to catch up with the members of Odd Future at the joint and caught a few choice snapshots of the group straight-up clowning and flat-out partying all night, even if they didn't want to be photographed.

While we witnessed plenty of fun, we never got a chance to spot the mythical and mystical "Golf Wang."

As evidenced by the above video posted by Odd Future that documents their visit to Tempe, the group knows how to have a good time. They've built up this bizarre and anarchistic aura around themselves that's pops the whole posturing and tough guy image of most self-aggrandizing and overly serious rappers and hip-hop artists. In some ways, the humorous anarchy of their music is more akin to skate-punk, which is why it felt natural for such a band to play atop Cowtown during Odd Future's visit.

The after-party at Rocky Point Cantina has a similarly goofy air. As the groups resident DJ Syd the Kid made beats spit from her laptop inside the bar's dance hall, members of Odd Future like Hodgy Beats; Tyler, The Creator; and Left Brain shot the shit with fans, sampled some libations, and even played multiple rounds on the place's boxing game.

When they weren't clowning around or hitting on female, Odd Future's members reluctantly paused to let us grab their pictures. Even then, they intentionally screwed up shots before our shutters snapped or closed their eyes or made weird face. It was all good, since it still made for some funny pictures and seemed in line with their habit of fucking with music critics and journalists.

See if you can spot the Odd Future members acting odd when checking out the pics from this week's Club Candids slideshow.

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