Club Candids: Rockabilly Night at Yucca Tap Room

Since it seems pretty popular to show up to work hungover on Fridays, we figured Thursday night would be a sure fire way to put together a stellar slideshow. We headed to one of our favorite drinking holes, The Yucca Tap Room, to snap some shots and get the weekend off to an early start.

One sniff of the Yucca Tap Room air, filled with the aroma of pomade, hairspray and motor oil, we realized we were knee deep in rockabillys. It's been a while since we've ran with that crowd and even though we left our fire engine red lipstick and liquid eyeliner at home, we went for it.

Yucca Tap Room, 29 W Southern Ave (SW Corner of Southern and Mill), 480-967-4777.

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