Club Candids

Club Candids: The Dubliner

By Lilia Menconi

The Dubliner on Saturday, September 20th.

It gets even better if you check the slideshow

We had some pretty good luck when we hit up the North Valley a few weeks ago at Joe’s Grotto, so we thought we’d check out another neighborhood fave, The Dubliner, on Saturday, September 20. It was just a typical night at the Irish pub, filled with beers, darts, and greasy, yummy potato skins.

But nothing is so simple in the North Valley. The area has always had a healthy seasoning of crazy. Case in point: the toothless man who serenaded us a cappella as we smoked on the front sidewalk. Sounds like a nightmare? Well, yes, it was. But, really, it beats the hell out of staring at the incessantly beautiful (and boring) people at a regular club. Yep, we’ll take the toothless any day, if it makes for a good anecdote.

The Dubliner, 3841 East Thunderbird Road, 602-867-0984,

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Lilia Menconi
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