Club Candids

Club Candids: The Shizz Prom at the Icehouse Tavern

We almost hesitate to tell you what we did this past Saturday night.

And this time, it's not because we happened to drink too much or stumble in our heels or run our mouths to people we hardly know (even though those things did, indeed happen).

No, we hesitate because we found a really cool bar and we want to keep it secret. But that's selfish and, therefore, makes for bad we will share this little gem.

It's called the Icehouse Tavern, it's on 40th St. and Thomas, it's been there forever and it's where we went on Saturday night for's prom. First off, the prom was a blast. Lots of folks showed up, dressed in outdated attire and danced to decade defining hits spun by DJ Mig50 (look at the slideshow to get the whole picture).

Second, The Icehouse Tavern is pretty damn rad. It's just a divey little bar that happens to be connected to the ice skating rink at Arcadia Ice Arena. And when we say connected, that means when you're belly up to the bar, you can see the entire ice skating rink through windows beyond the rows of bottles. It's vouyerism at it's best.

Icehouse Tavern, 3855 E. Thomas Rd. in Phoenix, 602-244-1179,

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Lilia Menconi
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