Club Candids: Van Gogh Blue Friday at Blue Martini

North Scottsdale houses some of the nicest bars in the valley, and Blue Martini is no exception. This swanky lounge attracts a posh Scottsdale clientele and serves delicious drinks at a reasonable price.

It's worth it to make an early trip to Blue Martini for the happy hour drink specials that earned the bar the title of best happy hour in North Phoenix. After a few rounds, stick around to take a spin on the dance floor, or at least observe the action.

We checked out Van Gogh Blue Friday on January 6th and grooved to DJ Frank Mendez's top 40 mash-ups. His work wasn't as off the wall as someone like Girl Talk, but mash-ups of Ke$ha and Katy Perry were perfect for dancing.

Plus, there were plenty of drinks to go around, and the servers were easy on the eyes. Check out the rest of the shenanigans in this week's Club Candids slideshow.

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