Coachella 2012 4/20: Let's Talk About Weed

Molly Bergen
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Yesterday was 4/20. It was also Coachella. And so, the percentage of festival-goers who were stoned rose from a paltry 75 percent to a full 98 percent. (These estimates come courtesy of LA Weekly music editor, Ben Westhoff, who did a small survey with a margin of error of plus or minus 45 percent.)

Believe it or not, folks were also wearing marijuana garb! We talked to some of them about, you know, music and life and music and stuff.

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Sparkly Shades Senorita (above) Band most excited to see: Black Keys Favorite album to listen to while high: "Anything. Whatever's on." Favorite strain: "Anything. What do you have?"

Molly Bergen
Hemp Belted Hottie Band most excited to see: "I don't even know. Who's playing today? I'm excited about getting something to eat." Favorite album to listen to high: Anything by Pink Floyd. Favorite strain: "Whatever is around."

Molly Bergen
The Girl with the Green Necklace Band most excited to see: Radiohead Favorite album to listen to high: "I don't know." Favorite strain: "What's in my bag right now. I don't remember what it's called."

Molly Bergen
Weed be so good together!
Hemp Bodice Heroine Band most excited to see: "Dr. Dre. That shit is going to be cray cray." Favorite Album to listen to high: Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon or anything by the Beatles

Molly Bergen
No doubt.
Pink Sweatband Stud Band most excited to see: Kendrick Lamar Favorite Album to listen to high: "Whatever's around" Favorite Strain: "Anything"

We also talked to some other folks passing blunts about their favorite types of weed and favorite stoner albums.

Most popular strains: Lambs Breath, Diablo, Purple Nurple, Gremlin, Blue Ivy, LA Confidential

Best albums to listen to high: anything by Explosions in the Sky, Beach Boys' Pet Sounds, Notorious B.I.G.'s Life After Death, Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life.

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