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Coachella 2013 Presale: Change Is A-Comin'

Last year's ticket sales for Coachella were a complete clusterfuck. This year, the good people of Goldenvoice are enstating some interesting changes, both for the better and for the worse, depending on your individual situation.

Plenty of ticket buyers may face new dilemmas. Some of the general changes will make it harder for groups to coordinate their trip. Meanwhile, scalpers and ticket flippers might have a tougher time this year, as well.

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First off, the price for a general admission pass has reached new heights. Once all the crazy fuck-you fees are factored in, a GA ticket will cost you $349 this year. Time to clean out your savings account!

So now you've saved up enough money to buy a ticket. Guess what? Your friends might not all be able to come with you. If they somehow survive the chaos/lack of a queue on the Front Gate Tickets' Coachella page and all manage to get tickets, ticket buyers are still limited to purchasing two tickets per household. This means that big groups will have to make plans further in advance. It also means that since scalpers will be forced to make purchases in lower quantities, there should be more tickets left for people who actually are dying to go to the festival.

Remember how last year tickets sold out in five hours but car camping passes took much longer to be scooped up by the masses? In 2013, it will be mandatory to have a festival pass if you're going to participate in car camping. On top of that, Coachella will be taking the Glastonbury approach, meaning the person who purchased the car camping pass will have to show his or her ID, and it will have to match.

While this will help reduce the number of fake passes being purchased from a third party or a scalper, it may actually lead to a shortage of car camping passes in the long run. If a bro who bought a car camping pass has some important plans come up and he legitimately can't attend the festival anymore but wants to sell his Coachella goodies to help out a buddy, he's out of luck since nobody else's ID will match his, and a car camping pass has gone to waste.  

Dearest fellow Coachellians, round up your crew and start scheming. As of Thursday, May 17, at 10 a.m. PST, the fight for festival passes is on!

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