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Coachella Set Times Announced, Festival Tickets Sold Out

Thom Yorke and the Atoms for Peace don't have any recorded music to their name, so their open-ended set could evolve into something rather interesting. Enjoy playing to a very, very sparsely attended set, Yann Tiersen. This is why I love Coachella, though -- being able to go from Local Natives over to De La Soul will be pretty remarkable. Where else can you sample such a diverse lineup like that? Being able to see Philippe Zdar and Bomb Bass from Cassius spin with Club 75 may just make my weekend. Seeing Gary Numan play "Cars" would also blow my mind.

So there you have it, what my dorky ass feels is a pretty solid weekend at one of this country's best music festivals. The bitching about set overlaps (LCD Soundsystem vs Little Dragon, Orbital vs Pavement, Muse vs Major Lazer) has begun, but those who know anything about Coachella know it is impossible to see every set that you want to see, no matter how eclectic your tastes may be. I have a feeling Goldenvoice has a few tricks up their sleeve, especially for Sunday, but I suppose I, along with everyone else attending, will just have to wait and see.

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Michael Lopez