Claudio Sanchez rocks out at the Marquee Theatre.
Claudio Sanchez rocks out at the Marquee Theatre.

Coheed & Cambria at Marquee Theatre

Due to a guest list snafu, we were unable to attend last night's Coheed & Cambria concert. Here's how we imagine the show might have gone, had we actually seen it:

Coheed & Cambria put on the show of a lifetime last night at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe. The band was in rare form during a seven-hour marathon set. After kicking the night off with a front-to-back performance of their latest album, Something About a Black Rainbow (I Think), Coheed & Cambria continued on to play the entire "Amory Wars" quintilogy in its entirety.

The band was backed by a full orchestra and a 24-voice choir. Also, Jeff Beck sat in for a couple songs. But the best was yet to come...

After a 10-minute break, during which chants of "CO-HEED!" echoed repeatedly throughout a packed house, the band returned to the stage and played Rush's 1978 masterpiece, Hemispheres, all the way through. It was too awesome for words.

Critic's Notebook:

Last Night: Coheed & Cambria at the Marquee Theatre

Better Than: Sex on Ecstasy

Personal Bias: I didn't actually attend the show.

One More Thing: All joking aside, I am actually a fan of Coheed & Cambria and I was looking forward to seeing this show. The new record is pretty boring, though.

Further Listening: Parallels or Perfect Symmetry by Fates Warning. I've heard so many people call Coheed an "emo" band, but I don't see it. They remind me way more of grandiose '80s prog metal. Does that make Queensrÿche the first emo band?


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