Coheed and Cambria, Stiletto Formal and Cartel Rock The Vote Sunday

By Martin Cizmar

Just yesterday I was praising Coheed and Cambria, and today it was announced that they'll be playing in town Sunday, along with local boys Stiletto Formal. Man, it seems like since they got signed it's been forever between Stiletto Formal shows here in Phoenix, it'll be good to see them!

So Arizona State University undergraduate student government is hosting the concert and voter education fair which also features Cartel. Things kick off at 5 p.m. at Gammage Auditorium, with the voter education fair outside and the concert inside. ASU students get free tickets as well as voter education packets informing them of where to vote and the requirements to do so.

What about non-students? Well, I e-mailed organizer Brendan O'Kelly, who says: "At this time, only ASU students are allowed to attend. This show is completely free for students and no arrangements have been made for non-student attendance. We are in the middle of that process now. I will have a more concrete answer for you regarding non-student tickets soon."

So stayed tuned, but if you don't hear anything I'd suggest wearing maroon and walking in with a large group. If anyone stops you tell them you'll vote for McCain if they don't let you in so help you God.

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