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Collective Soul

Transcript from Hannity and Colmes, on the Fox News Channel, 1/4/2006

Sean Hannity: More on the NSA surveillance issue later, but right now . . . for years, debate has raged over the Atlanta quintet Collective Soul -- legendary rock band or complete crap? What's your take, Alan?

Alan Colmes: Are you kidding? They're complete crap, Sean.

Hannity: Alan, you've taken some outrageous positions over the years, but this takes the cake. How can you possibly say that? They've had seven, count 'em, seven, number one hits and 19 singles that hit the Billboard charts, and they've sold millions of albums.

Colmes: But Sean, lots of people eat at McDonald's -- does that make it gourmet food?

Hannity: That's a cheap shot and you know it.

Colmes: Okay, but if they're so great, why haven't we heard from them in so long? Are they even still a band?

Hannity: Obviously you haven't been paying attention -- they put out an album in 2004, even though they had to replace their guitarist and start their own label. Talk about adversity! And they're about to release a live album and DVD they recorded with the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra. They're helping kids, Alan. When was the last time you helped some kids? These guys are legends.

Colmes: They're complete crap.

Hannity: Whatever, Alan . . . as always here at Fox, we report, you decide.

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Michael Alan Goldberg