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Colorstore Brings Film and Rock Together at FilmBar With a Little Help From Their Friends

​For months, tomorrow's show at FilmBar was supposed to be a local feast for the senses. Colorstore intended to host a night of local rock and rhythms, adding Gospel Claws to the lineup and a list of guest DJs. 

But then Gospel Claws dropped out. Something about prior engagements in California, or was it something else? 

"Maybe, just maybe the real story is, years ago, Sloan Walters [of Gospel Claws] and myself happened upon each other at some local downtown acoustic get together," Colorstore's front man Mark Erickson says in an email. "I believe I was sitting at a table with him because I knew his sister. She asked me if he could borrow a pick. I told him picks were for pussies. Then it was time for me to go up and play one of my dilapidated numbers and I used a pick. Fast forward to this past July when we played a show with Gospel Claws, right before it was time for Colorstore to play, Sloan hands me a pick. This could very well be the really real reason behind them having to cancel," Erickson jokes. 

As for the DJs, well, Colorstore didn't want to step on any toes. DJentrification has a good thing going with The Palace at FilmBar on Saturdays, Erickson says. It wouldn't be right to intrude on his gig. So, instead, DJentrification will be spinning in one room and Colorstore will be hosting that aforementioned senses feast alone. 

For that, the band enlisted A/V help from A.J. Tamura and Minibosses guitarist Aaron Burke. Colorstore will be sporting all white jumpsuits, which will serve as a backdrop to the time lapse footage and slideshow mashup that Tamura and Burke pieced together. 

"[It's] completely bloated and pretentious, Erickson says, "although we will be smiling and giving out hugs."

Some classic Colorstore footage, followed by something a little more recent:

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