Concert of the Year Countdown: #3 Blue Man Group

Show: Blue Man Group at US Airways Center, January 14.

I couldn't tear myself away from this show, not even after I drank a few beers and had to pee. The concept for the show was "How to Be a Megastar," and included all manner of interactive multi-media, from how-to video clips on giant screens to showers of confetti bombs and demonstrations where Blue Man Group spit paint balls onto volunteers from the audience. Of course, there were also plenty of flamboyant musical numbers, featuring all manner of zany, modified instruments, from mallets striking upright pianos to giant plastic pipes that functioned as foghorn-y wind instruments. There was never a lull in the performance -- an impressive feat, considering the show lasted for almost two hours. You can read more about Blue Man's Group rockin' concept show by clicking the above link. --Niki D'Andrea

This countdown was complied by Niki D'Andrea and Martin Cizmar and is running here over the last 10 days of the year. To read other entries click "Concert of the Year Countdown" in the tags below.

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Martin Cizmar
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