Concert of the Year Countdown: #7 The Hives

Show: The Hives at The Marquee on Sept. 19.

First, a correction on my review this evening. In panning Eagles of Death Metal - who truly were awful - I offhandedly dissed their new record, Heart On, which wasn't out at the time and sure seemed bad based on what they played opening for the mighty Hives. Turns out the record is really good - though I would not recommend seeing EoDM live. Then again, having your set followed by The Hives is a good way for anyone to look bad. The Swedish garage punkers absolutely killed. As I wrote that evening: "Yet you will not see a better rock and roll show than The Hives. Howlin' Pelle Almqvist is frenetic on stage, hilarious between songs and constantly out in the crowd - all the while delivering pitch-perfect punk vocals. His brother, guitarist Nicholaus Arson is no less fun to watch." --Martin Cizmar

This countdown was complied by Niki D'Andrea and Martin Cizmar and is running here over the last 10 days of the year. To read other entries click "Concert of the Year Countdown" in the tags below.

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