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Concert Promoter AEG Live Being Sued For Allegedly Hiring Pushy Doctor

Michael Jackson's mother Katherine Jackson is suing AEG Live for hiring Dr. Conrad Murray, the doctor that could have been responsible for Michael Jackson's death.

AEG Live is the company that would have produced Michael's "This Is It" concert series at the O2 Arena in London.

Ultimately, AEG cared more about the huge profit it would make from Jackson's "This Is It" shows than about his health and safety, the suit claims, which is why they insisted on having Dr. Conrad Murray on board to push Michael hard enough to attend all rehearsals and be prepared for his shows. "Will You Be There," Michael?

The concert company even threatened to pull the plug on the tour if Jackson didn't show up to a rehearsal despite overworking his body whenever he showed up.

Katherine Jackson can blame whoever she wants, but unfortunately that won't bring Michael back to life. Until then, we'll all have to wait and see who prevails in this lawsuit. Considering how much everyone misses Michael, I'm pulling for the Jackson family.

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