Drake, Migos, and a Flying Lamborghini Go Through the Roof at Gila River Arena

The crowd goes wild for DrakeEXPAND
The crowd goes wild for Drake
Melissa Fossum

The poster for the Aubrey and The Three Migos Tour reads “A hand-picked dream team,” and last night, October 8, at Gila River Arena, Drake, Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff proved that they're deserving of the title. All of them have had major success over the years, from Migos influencing American pop culture by inventing the Dab to Drake’s exceptional year with the releases of mega hits “God’s Plan” and “In My Feelings.” Both caused a stir on the internet, especially the latter thanks to the #InMyFeelingsChallenge meme. It was only right that the superstar and supergroup teamed up for an unforgettable tour, and their stop in Phoenix was a show to remember.

Around the start of the show there were still a lot of empty seats as attendees continued to show up or grab some food and drink, but they missed out on a fine performance by opener Roy Woods. The singer-songwriter played six songs and showcased his dancing skills. Woods told the audience he’s never been to Glendale, but still seemed to have fun with the crowd, discussing the recent Cardinals victory over the 49ers in between songs.

Migos followed up after about a 30-munite interval, coming in hard with the song “Hannah Montana.” The trio were clad in different colored jumpsuits: Quavo in red, Offset in yellow, and Takeoff in green. For their first set of the night, Migos delivered nothing but bangers like “Handsome and Wealthy” and “Rick Flair Drip.” Usually, only one would rap while the other two simply stood in place, but they fed off of each other by throwing in ad-libs and cues for the crowd to get wild as they smoothly transitioned between verses. Of course, the crowd seemed to be doing quite a lot of work as well. It seemed that everyone in the arena knew Migos' songs, and could sing and dance to all of them. It felt like I was in a giant party when they performed.

After Migos got the crowd riled up, it was time for October’s very own, Drizzy Drake, to step up to the stage. I could feel the love for Drake in the air from even before setting foot in the building, since there was a cardboard cutout of the rapper outside the venue for people to pose and take photos with. The crowd was so anxious to see him, they even started doing the Wave before his set.

Migos wore color-coded jumpsuits: Quavo in red, Offset in yellow, and Takeoff in green.EXPAND
Migos wore color-coded jumpsuits: Quavo in red, Offset in yellow, and Takeoff in green.
Melissa Fossum

They weren't disappointed: The superstar delivered a superstar performance. He came out wearing what appeared to be a Devin Booker jersey for the song “8 Out Of 10” from his new album Scorpion. The crowd sang along to just about every song, and Drake expressed his admiration throughout the show, saying things like “Phoenix always goes through the roof." It's unclear whether or not he says things like this at every show, but he seemed to really love the Glendale crowd, and that love was reciprocated when they sang every word, every hook, and every chorus. Drake fed off of that energy as he played all the hits from “Started From the Bottom” to his verse off Lil Baby's “Yes Indeed." As he played that song, a yellow Lamborghini floated around the stadium, and fire would shoot out from the ground as it followed the beat.

Drake’s whole performance somewhat reflected the new album, as the first half was full of hard-hitting verses from the first disc of Scorpion. The second half was more like the sentimental second disc, with softer tracks like “After Dark” and “In My Feelings.” This shows the dichotomy of Drake: He can rap very well, but also sing and show more sensitivity. The night was full of emotion, especially when Drake went on a spiel about how long Phoenix has been rocking with him. “I used to come here with (Lil) Wayne,” he said, “and Phoenix showed me love back when Thank Me Later dropped. They been giving the same energy and love for 10 fucking years.”

The flight of the yellow Lamborghini.EXPAND
The flight of the yellow Lamborghini.
Melissa Fossum

Of course, Drake didn’t let the crowd get too soft. He brought the energy back up with his verse from Rihanna’s “Work” and Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode”. He ended the night with “God’s Plan” and spoke about how in these divisive times he loves to see a crowd so diverse enjoying music together. His final words for the crowd were that he can’t wait for the tour to be over so he can go see his family, rest, and eventually get back to making music so he can come back to Phoenix and party with us again. After witnessing such an amazing performance, I plan making sure I'm here for that party. 

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