Concert Review: Elliot BROOD at Rhythm Room


If you were a music fan in Phoenix on Wednesday night and looking to hit up a concert you had plenty of acts to choose from. The obvious choices were Yo La Tengo at Marquee Theatre or Ghostface Killah and Mayer Hawthorne at The Clubhouse. With two big name acts both playing on the same night it's not hard to see how the twangy Toronto indie trio Elliott BROOD at The Rhythm Room could get lost in the mix.

The obvious lack of attendance didn't keep Elliott BROOD band members from being in good humor. At one point during the show BROOD guitarist Casey Laforet joked that even though they only sold thirty-one tickets to the show they still sold more tickets than the Phoenix Coyotes. ZINGER!

To be honest, considering how few people were at the show, I was half expecting Elliott BROOD to just mail in their performance. It wouldn't be the first time that I've seen this happen. But, that notion was quickly put to rest the moment the band opened up their set. Elliott BROOD is nothing if not energetic and loud. Holy crap, are they loud! Not that this is a bad thing, mind you, just a little surprising considering it is just three guys with a fairly simple setup.

The highlight of the night for me had to be when Elliott BROOD's drummer, Stephen Pitkin, stepped out behind his drum kit and grabbed a sack full of wooden spoons and tin plates, handed them out to the audience and encouraged them to play along for the final three songs of the night. Truth be told, there wasn't much of an audience there to participate, though. Fortunately, the band members of the opening act, Wooden Sky, had enough energy left over from their set to make the dance floor not look completely empty.

The band was a good sport about the situation, though. Lead vocalist Mark Sasso thanked the audience for coming out to see their show as they closed out the night. Elliott BROOD put as much effort and energy in their performance last night as if they had sold out the place. Any band that can do that are well worth the price of admission and I will be looking forward to the next time they roll through town.

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