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Country Throwdown Tour's Stop at Cricket Wireless Pavilion Canceled

Country music fans might just wind up crying a tear in their collective beers after hearing this particular bit of news: The Country Throwdown Tour has called off its stop at the Cricket Wireless Pavilion on June 18.

According to Live Nation, the adrenaline-charged summertime concert tour, which was created by Kevin Lyman (the same dude who created the Warped Tour, Mayhem Festival, and Taste of Chaos Tour), canceled its Valley visit due to poor ticket sales. Phoenix ain't alone in getting a dose of heartbreak, as stops in Houston, Dallas, and San Diego were also nixed.

"We've been out on the road, the fans love the show, everyone's enjoying it out here, but we've had some hard times in a few markets," Lyman stated in the above message on YouTube where he announced the cancelations.

Given Country Throwdown's lineup of somewhat inauspicious acts -- including Montgomery Gentry, Jamey Johnson, Little Big Town, and The Eli Young Band -- meager ticket sales aren't that surprising, particularly when compared to other big-name sumertime tours, such as Tim McGraw's Southern Voice Tour. The fact that they couldn't score enough fans in such country music capitals as Dallas and Houston is especially telling.

For what its worth, Lyman states that tickets for the Phoenix stop can be used to get into any other Country Throwdown date across the nation (well, the ones that haven't been axed yet, that is) for those of you that wanna spend a couple of hundred dollars to drive/fly to another city. Refunds are also available at the point of purchase for anyone that doesn't have any extra scrilla to throw down.

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