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Covela: Covela EP

Title: Covela EP

Basics: Covela basics. 

I kid. Covela is described as having a "driven, melodic rock sound has been paralleled to Paramore, Jimmy Eat World, Muse and The Killers." The comparisons to Paramore make plenty sense as the band plays rock music with a female lead singer -- Sarah Drinkwine. Before I glanced at the band's bio, I had already made my own Paramore deductions. As is the case with many a YAFI band struggling to form an identity, they can easily rely on their talented lead singer to help solidify things. Covela would best suited, then, to hitch their wagons to Drinkwine's talents.

Best Song: If there is one song on the EP that sounds like the band chugging along while Drinkwine carries them, then it is "Time." The song sounds most like a cross between a few of their influences, namely Muse and Paramore. Does it help that the song's lyric "Time is running out / Make a difference and make it now" sounds quite similar to Muse's 2003 hit single "Time Is Running Out?" I'll go ahead and say yes to that. It's not necessarily Absolution-era Muse, however -- the song sounds more geared after the band's latest album The Resistance. There are sweeping guitar riffs and space-influenced keys complete with Drinkwine's best vocal effort, by far.

Worst Song: "Better" is the band's de facto power ballad -- the more toned down, emotional song of the EP. While it is an interesting change of pace, the song comes off a bit half-assed and, unfortunately, Drinkwine's vocals feel a bit restrained. It's a shame, too, because she really lets loose on "Time" and the results are rather enjoyable. However, I understand that not all of the songs can be grandiose, earth-shattering rock songs -- you have to throw in a few heartfelt power jams in there, too.

Suggestions: Don't hold back your most talented member. Let Sarah Drinkwine rock it out on every song and just murder it with what I believe to be the band's most intriguing aspect -- her vocal style. Sure, no one knows who the hell the other members in Paramore are, outside of Hayley Williams, but I hardly think that matters. Who's to say that Covela can't achieve the same level of success? They have the blueprint down.

Grade: B-

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