Prince wants the creativity of other artists to be partially banished. In fact, he wants covering his songs to become a crime, according to Paste.

Cover Songs of Prince To Become Illegal?

He's always been picky about people doing covers of his songs, but now he's taking that narcissism to a whole new level.

Rules do exist at some labels that state any of that label's artists can cover songs written by another one of that label's artists. Now Prince is working to have the licensing of copyright to that rule modified.

While Prince is a fabulous one-of-a-kind performer and all, maybe he should get over himself just a little bit. You know, get off his high horse for just a little while. There will never be anybody like you, Prince, that's for sure.

What might become a concern in the near future is that other artists might actually think this crazy idea is wise and/or trendy and follow in Prince's footsteps. Will more down to earth artists like Modest Mouse or Usher be the next artists to try to make covering their music illegal? Shenanigans, I say.

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