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Creamy Radio Presents Benefit Concert Sunday at Sail Inn

This Sunday, at Tempe's newly reopened Sail Inn, Valley internet radio stalwart Creamy Radio is sponsoring a benefit concert for their friends over at Ear Candy Charity. On the bill are The Noodles, Matthew Reveles, Dry River Yacht Club, Black Carl, Harlem Shakes and BVR. The show is a mere $10, and all of the proceeds will go towards Ear Candy Charity, a local non-profit that is devoted to creating, supporting and sustaining music programs for kids. It's a can't-miss lineup in support of a noble cause, so what's not to love?

What stands out most about this lineup is the fact that Harlem Shakes, currently on tour with Passion Pit, are taking the time to play a benefit concert. Their name on the lineup initially caught my eye and brought my attention to what the fine folks over at Creamy Radio were doing this Sunday. The lineup also boasts some impressive local talent in Reveles, Dry River Yacht Club and the always funky Black Carl. The Sail Inn has always been a intriguing venue, with both its indoor and outdoor stages, so Sunday is sure to be a jam-packed day full of music for a good cause.

Check out what it is Ear Candy Charity is all about here.

Checkout the complete lineup and other info about Creamy Radio here.

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Michael Lopez