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Creed Tickets Now Only $10 (But Please Put A Little Something In The Collection Plate)

Tickets to Creed's Tuesday show at Arena are now available at the bargain basement price of $10. Yes, this is the original lineup, and Staind opens too. $10! This band was the first act to have seven consecutive number one rock radio singles, four of which came off of the debut album. Their third album, Weathered, tied The Beatles Anthology, for the most consecutive weeks at Number One on Billboard's Top 200 chart. $10!

How could you resist? No, really, explain yourselves, Phoenix.

I propose than anyone who ever purchased a Creed album be legally required to attend this concert at the bargain basement price of $10 unless they can provide a notarized statement explaining why doing so would be infeasible. Seems reasonable, right?

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Martin Cizmar
Contact: Martin Cizmar