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Crowdsourced: Daughtry Cancels Marquee Show

Usually we confine our Crowdsourced posts to shows that actually happened. However, last night's Daughtry show, canceled because Chris (of almost Idol fame) came down with laryngitis, prompted some interesting tweets:

@CHRIS_Daughtry 1/2 Ok. Here goes: Just came back from the Doctors & I have viral laryngitis. Doctor has ordered me to cancel tonights show...

@CHRIS_Daughtry 2/2...for much needed vocal rest. We are currently working out details on how to make it up. I feel horrible. Thanks for understanding

@sweetsmoke1: Daughtry cancelled his show in Tempe, AZ.... how did Tempe get so lucky? There'll be no screeching in the desert! Yahoo!

@prestoniscrazyRT @metromixphoenixDaughtry's Phoenix concert is postponed. Our motto: never trust an American Idol. - was any one actually going?

[email protected]Oh shit oh shit oh shit. DAUGHTRY had to cancel tonights show. I hope hes okay. And doesnt have to cancel tomorrows :( :(

@Amiers223It kinda sucks the Daughtry got sick and canceled the concert i was going to tonight...oh well

@LeeNee143Daughtry canceled. I'm ok with that.

@staceydangerYay!!!! Daughtry show cancelled so my sexxxy hubby gets to come back to LA a day early!!!!!!!!!! :o) :o) :o)

@Viper1127chris daughtry do u still have viral laryngitis and r u feeling better contact asap. i love ur music! who needs american idol?

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