Crowdsourced: The Summer Set, Source Victoria, Nick Oliveri and Michelle Blades

While bands like The Necronauts and Whiskey Six were out gigging this weekend, Source Victoria spent their time in the studio. Josh Montgomery from Scottsdale pop rock band The Summer Set, on the other hand, spent some time in front of a web cam, doing his first question-and-answer session. Montgomery -- not the band member who dated Disney Channel actress Chelsea Staub, but still a heartbreaker himself -- discussed how he got in the band, how he views himself and when he first learned about sex.

Here's a small sampling of what various Valley rockers have been up to lately, brought to you by the bands and fans themselves, including updates about Source Victoria, Michelle Blades, Grain Of Truth, Whiskey Six and The Necronauts, who opened for Nick Oliveri at The Rogue.

Source Victoria lets us in on work on their new album, produced by Chris Testa.

Grain of Truth performed at Martini Ranch this past Friday night. Here's video of their performance.

@WhiskeySixMusic played Martini Ranch with Grain of Truth this weekend, and here's what they had to say: The late, late, late show at Martini Ranch was a blast!! Thanks for Rockin with us, we appreciate our great fans!!! You are the BEST!!!!

"We really appreciate the support by Martini Ranch," says drummer Matt Indes. "We hope we become a staple here."

Bassist Raf Garcia says, "We've all been in bands before -- everyone tried to emulate what was popular on the radio, so pretty soon you couldn't tell one band from another. We really like the blues and music from the '30s and '40s, so we've tried to incorporate that sound into something current. We really want to be true to our style, even if that means we're not popular."

Looks like former Queens of the Stone Age member Nick Oliveri wasn't beneath checking out the Valley's own The Necronauts before his set at The Rogue Bar. @SELECTshows: Nick Oliveri is upfront watching all of the Necronauts' set.

Folk singer Michelle Blades played The Trunk Space this weekend. Here's what one fan had to say: @Transparent: Really digging Michelle Blades. And her violin player is my imaginary boyfriend for the night.

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