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Cut Throat Logic Offers Their Latest Album for Free Download

Phoenix-based hip-hop group Cut Throat Logic has been on the proverbial grind longer than most local rap acts. Since 1996, CTL has tirelessly promoted their shows through street teams, fliers, merchandising, and networking -- and it's paid off.

In addition to having shared stages with the likes of Wu-Tang Clan, Common, Snoop Dogg, and The Game, they've collaborated on tracks with legends like KRS-One and Too $hort. They seem to release something new every year, and their newest release, the album With All Due Respect, features some of their best songs, and provides a great teaser for the band's next album, dropping some time this year.

Check out a couple tracks from With All Due Respect after the jump, along with a link to download the entire album for free, and watch Cut Throat Logic's video with KRS-One, "Today and Forever."

"My Bottle" 3. My Bottle ft. JustUs, Tash, Knoc-turn'al, J-Beam 
"My Bottle" is one of the catchiest tracks on the album, and features some serious lyrical wit. Props to CTL rapper Justus for finding something to rhyme with the word "vagina."

"Smiles and Cries"
10. Smiles and Cries ft. JustUs, Deonte, RoKnowledge
Justus says this is probably his favorite track on With All Due Respect, and it's mine, as well. It's a heavy song, dealing with some serious themes like death and regret, but manages to hold a positive vibe throughout.

To download Cut Throat Logic's With All Due Respect for free, visit the band's website at

The video below features KRS-One, and was directed by Dash Aiken. "Today and Forever" is available on With All Due Respect.

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