D:Fuse at Freedom

His cowboy hat should clue you in, but if you're slow on the pickup, let's just say DJ D:Fuse isn't your typical dance-club spinner. Raised on album rock and alternative music through his youth, D:Fuse (a.k.a. Dustin Fuselier) wanted to get away from that, so he started the industrial act Culture Industry while attending school in his hometown of Austin, Texas. After struggling with typical band "commitment" issues, he got turned on to dance music, taking to the sound like Tammy Faye Messner to eye shadow. D:Fuse's first break came when Paul Oakenfold picked up one of his tracks, "She Rides," for Oakenfold's label, Perfecto Records. An opening slot on Oakenfold's tour followed, as well as a residency at San Francisco's Release. While D:Fuse is primarily a trance DJ with a taste for house, his People 2 (System) double album featured both a hard-pumping club side and a mellow side with a mix of ambient, down-tempo and chill house, a hint of his future direction. A drummer most of his life, D:Fuse plays on a drum machine while performing as a DJ, and his sets are even known to feature live keyboardists and vocalists. For details on his appearance at Freedom on Friday, May 14, visit www.freedomnightclub.com.
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Chris Parker
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