DJ Fashen (a.k.a. Daniel Kutz)
DJ Fashen (a.k.a. Daniel Kutz)

D-JR and Fashen Return to Old Town Scottsdale Tomorrow Night for a Gig at The Roxy Lounge

Two prodigal sons from the Scottsdale nightclub scene are making a eagerly-awaited homecoming to their former stomping grounds tomorrow night just in time for Thanksgiving.

Old Town Scottsdale party monsters/remix fiends D-JR and Fashen are scheduled to appear at The Roxy Lounge during the nightspot's Almost Famous club event.

The holidays are a time for reuniting with old friends, and they pair of Scottsdale expats will be doing just that, as their longtime amigo (and fellow deckmaster) Benjamin Cutswell is a resident at the Tuesday night weekly.

Both Fashen (known to his mama and papa as Daniel Kutz) and D-JR (a.k.a. J.R. Phillips) were regulars at the joint back when it was known as Dirty Pretty Rockbar.

Besides having worked the Scottsdale club scene for years before high-tailing it to the greener pastures of L.A., both DJs share the trait of having been two of the better selectas in Old Town.

Both are adept at adroitly mixing and mashing up Top 40 tracks, old school jams, and electronica bits into high-energy dance cuts that get the clubgoing masses whipped into an excitable frenzy. Plus, they're both talented scratchers to boot (a must for any good DJ). Listen to the following mixes by either cat for proof of such:

Othello by itsfashen


You can also witness their ample skills behind the mixers tomorrow night at The Roxy Lounge. Doors open at 9 p.m. and mre details can be found here.

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