Glee Takeovers, and Caribou in This Week's Issue">

"Dad Rock," Glee Takeovers, and Caribou in This Week's Issue

This week's music feature is about the local rock 'n' roll band Hooves. They've got a new EP coming out (check out one of our favorite tracks here) and you may be surprised at some of the antics that accompany their "dad rock" sound.

We also take an examination of Glee and argue why it, due to its rapid rise and the gradual decline of competitors, has become the second biggest force in the world of music retail.

Check out our chat with electronic musician and doctor of mathematics Caribou and find out how he stumbled into music and what approach he took on his latest record.

Nothing Not New's Jay Bennett reviews LCD Soundsystem's latest record, and we've got show previews for Besnard Lakes, The Dirty Heads, James Taylor and Carole King, and The Album Leaf.

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