Dance Dance Revolution

Not sure if it's the holidaze or or just the cooler weather that's causing so much dope action on the music tip lately, but I really don't care. Fact is, practically every night of the week there's some bomb shit going on. Tonight's no exception. If you're not hitting up the Death Cab for Cutie and Jenny Lewis show at the Marquee tonight, or scoping Kirkwood Dellinger with

Attack of the Giant Squid

at Hollywood Alley, and you feel impelled to shake your ass a bit, there's a couple of options for you... tonight is

Straight No Chaser

impresario Joe DiPadova's birthday bash at One (at Homme), which promises some serious house freakdowns with Pete 'Supermix' Salaz guest DJing. Or, if you're on more of a rock tip, hit up

Club Pretty Vacant

at Anderson's Fifth Estate, where William Fucking Reed is bringing motherfuckin' Daniel Ash of Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, and Love and Rockets fame to guest DJ. Personally, I'll be watching the Squid get their instrumental freak on...


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