Database @ Bar Smith

If you've loved all the hipsterrific DJs, EDM artists, and remix maestros who've been coming through the Valley in recent months (including Flosstradamus, Pictureplane, and Cassian), be sure to give a hearty high five to Jeremiah Gratza. The Stateside Presents co-promoter has been exposing our fair city to some of his favorite underground electronica acts and tastemaking turntablists lately, and has continued the trend by booking an appearance by dope darlings Database at Bar Smith, 130 East Washington Street, on Friday, March 4, for this weekend's edition of Sticky Fingers. Steeped in musical maximalism and heavily influenced by French electro-house, the Brazilian-born duo of Lucio Morais and Yuri Chix have amassed mad respect in both the DJ and indie rock world over the past six years. They've utilized their electronica artistry to produce some sexy and sensational synthesized soundscapes, including a memorable 2009 collaboration with French Horn Rebellion on the track "Beaches and Friends." Like their fellow countrymen The Twelves, the Database boys are extremely adept at getting a dance floor moving, which they'll likely do this weekend at Bar Smith. Sticky Fingers residents like Prince $$, 2 Tone Disco, Pickster One, and DJ Radar will also perform. Doors open at 9 p.m. and admission is $7. Visit www.stateside presents.com.

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