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Daughters of Fission

Maybe I'm shallow, but I'm still waiting for a band called Daughters of Fission that's four women with Coke-bottle eyeglasses and hair up in hideous buns who magically transform into ravishing Amazons midway through their set. This unit is three gals short and way too serious to take this high-minded concept and run with it as dudes. Abandonatomy, the group's second CD, is progcore delivered with snarky titles like "Yes We're Perplexed," and "All Purpose Meanies" (the best track here, a menacing anthem with lightning-fast bass drum and organ fills that hover like a cruising UFO). Still, you wonder how a band that says it has "an agenda which includes world domination" isn't shooting itself in the foot singing song after song warning us about a despotic government, which D.O.F. will have to supplant -- and, in essence, become -- in order to maintain stability in the free world. Look, no one said tyranny was going to be easy. This month, catch the band at the Chandler Zia Record Exchange on the 12th, Joe's Grotto on the 18th, and Hollywood Alley in Mesa on the 25th. (www.daughtersoffission.com)

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Serene Dominic
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