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David Bowie Recording His 25th Studio Record... As Announced by AARP?

Perhaps I cast unfair judgement and assume incorrectly about the readers of music blogs. I often assume that they're smarter than a huge chunk of the average population, and also that they're under the age of retirement. How swiftly I have been proven wrong...

Okay, not necessarily. While the creators of TwentyFourBit may not necessarily be retirement age, they do seem to be hip to what AARP magazine is printing. Apparently the magazine, whose target demographic appears to be people over the age of 65 exclusively, has announced that David Bowie is in the process of recording is 42nd album. (That would be his 25th studio record.) While the 42 mark is of questionable validity, unfortunately the rumors about the new record have not been confirmed by any other source at the moment

So go ahead -- you tell us what the most shocking piece of news is. Is it that:

  • David Bowie is fast approaching the age to be a target reader for AARP magazine

  • David Bowie could be working on his 25th studio record. (We all suspected that he's immortal, but this just may be proof...)

  • or that,
  • AARP broke the questionable piece of news before any reputable or non-reputable music publication
  • Oh how this modern 21st century world still confounds me...

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