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Dawn Jameson, Calexico, Interpol, Soundcheck and More In This Week's Issue

In this week's big feature, Nicki Escudero looks at the burgeoning career of North Scottsdale crooner Dawn Jameson -- examining whether she's just another no-talent slutwave star along the lines of Ke$ha or if she's got talent to match her looks. Whether you agree she's got the goods or not (you can watch a video here) you'll probably agree there's more than meets the eye with Dawn, who is also the mother of a 9-year-old daughter and sings in her church's choir.

In other local-ish music news, I preview what's sure to be an amazing show Friday, as Tucson's Calexico plays a unique concert at Corona Ranch.

Mike Escoto talked to Interpol drummer Sam Fogarino about the parallels between his band and Metallica -- it makes sense when you read the piece -- and you can check out the full transcript of that interview here on the blog.

We've also got shorter show previews on the Soundcheck Music Festival featuring Digital Summer and Authority Zero, Tennis, T-Model Ford, Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith, and Ensiferum.

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