Despite authoring this blog, I'm not much of a software geek; I've got to rely on some smarter heads at HQ to fix little interweb/html quandaries for me, and I don't install new programs often. Nonetheless, I got sucked in when I read a press release this morning about


, a made-in-Scottsdale free new media player with its own searchable database of streaming music, videos, and games that are completely free. I didn't really get what the press release meant, but I signed up (there's no download required), and what it does is give you a media player in a browser window where you can play songs on-demand (also, you can embed it in your myspace page like a


video). I test drove it for a while just now, and it's pretty fucking impressive. I worked indie rock, indie rap, and obscure noise-experimental shit in the search window, and came up with more results than I expected each time. I scored on Mac Dre, Kid 606, Tom Waits (including an interview), Bright Eyes, Her Space Holiday, Anticon, the Mars Volta, dntel, and Atmosphere, and the streams take mere seconds to start on a cable broadband connection. I stuck a player on my


page to see if it worked, and that seemed golden as well. I didn't search the videos much after I saw it was powered by youtube, that seemed endorsement enough. I haven't run into any glitches yet, so if you do, let me know. Otherwise, I think it's pretty fucking cool that a local company's providing free on-demand personalized interweb radio.

Side note: There's a new project brewing at Ear Infection HQ that we'll announce tonight, so if the posts are somewhat sporadic over the next few hours, don't despair; it'll be worth the wait.


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