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Dead Confederate @ The Rhythm Room

Even if you enjoy the music of Kings of Leon — and with the older stuff, that's acceptable, but I'm warning you that now is the time to jump off the bandwagon — those shitting pigeons were a harbinger of doom. The Kings' most recent album is the straw of lameness that broke the cool camel's back, and here's my suggestion for a replacement: Dead Confederate. Unfortunately, the band's been labeled "grunge revivalists," which may sound bad — but wait until you hear them. Sure, there are pieces of Pearl Jam in Dead Confederate's sound, but those come from Vs. more than they do No Code. And they're mixed with such Southern rock touch points as The Allman Brothers and such cooler influences as Meat Puppets and Dinosaur Jr. No, Dead Confederate is not breaking fantastic new ground, but the band manage sto rock pretty hard without insulting your intelligence. The songs may lack the complexities of those created by Dead Confederate's influences, but if you're auditioning for a new rock band in your life (again, if you're a Kings of Leon fan, you should be) Dead Confederate is available.

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Dan Gibson
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