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Dead Weather Offer Free New Download, and Chance to Win VIP Paid Trip to Bonnaroo

Jack White is always known for doing innovative things. He goes out on limbs, takes risks, and usually winds up pulling off some really cool events that only he, or someone with his status and incredible level of coolness, could.

If it's not his pop-up record stores, his "blue series" in-studio vinyl recordings of super cool bands, (often doing something they wouldn't normally do -- check out the original queen of rockabilly Wanda Jackson covering Amy Winehouse) or his making incredibly cool music documentaries with his "big sis" Meg, the man always makes you take a look or a listen.

Even his detractors have to turn their heads.

White's performance with the Dead Weather at Coachella was broadcast live on a webcast, and now the band is set to release a new album titled Sea of Cowards in just a couple of weeks. TwentyFourBit reminds us that on Monday, May 3 at 3 p.m. PST, the band will play the whole record in its entirety at White's Third Man Records studio, and broadcast it live on their Myspace page.

Oh, and in case you didn't notice, on the Dead Weather's website, you can download for free their new song "Hussle and Cuss," and a simple Tweet or facebook post can enter you a chance to win a ticket to Bonnaroo with airfare paid.

Thanks for the teases, Jack...

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