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Deerhunter: Halcyon Digest

Theirs is a complex aural equation, one that bursts through with genuine moments of genius mixed with just quite too dense to comprehend instrumentation. Whatever your take may be, Halcyon Digest is the band's crowning achievement -- which is, by the way, saying something for a band like Deerhunter -- an album that can rest safely among some of the year's best.

What the critics are saying:

NME: "For all its occasional lack of bite and drama, 'Halcyon Digest''s tender, transgressive
pop proves a fine and focused addition to a uniquely haunting body of work. Cherish it like you would a phantom limb."

The Guardian: "Deerhunter aren't just revivalists, though: in the main this is timeless music, seemingly made with the conviction that loveliness will always be lovely."

Spin: "Like frontman Bradford Cox's solo records as Atlas Sound, Halcyon Digest exists mainly as another iteration of his shifting id, deeply plumbing memories real and imagined with a sound by turns spare and sumptuous."

Pitchfork: "We'll never be able to parse every lyric or tease out every technical intricacy-- though somebody will probably try-- but that is what Halcyon Digest is all about: nostalgia not for an era, not for antiquated technology, but for a feeling of excitement, of connection, of that dumb obsession that makes life worth living no matter how horrible it gets."

Halcyon Digest is out now via 4AD.

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