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Delorean @ Rhythm Room

Spanish electronic rockers Delorean have to be feeling pretty good about their name right now. With the recent re-release of Robert Zemeckis' brilliant Back to the Future trilogy, the public's odd fascination with the car that made time travel possible — and possibly fueled by the pure Colombian cocaine smuggled by the car's creator, John Delorean — has been rekindled. Unlike the gull-winged sportscar, however, the band Delorean is hardly a flash in the pan. Their American breakout came in 2007, at South by Southwest, prompting them to release a variation of their second album, Into the Plateau, for stateside audiences. Though 2010 doesn't mark the 25th anniversary for the band, it does bring Subiza, the band's finest album yet. Filled with relentlessly energetic beats, the album is a perfect beacon for those unfamiliar with Delorean — a band, I might add, that opened it own night club, Desparrame, to both bolster its hometown of Zarautz's lagging music scene as well as hone its craft.

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Michael Lopez