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Dennis DeYoung

A favorite critics' punching bag for decades, Dennis DeYoung has become something of an antihero for his former detractors ever since VH1's Behind the Music: Styx special put his inspired lunacy in context. With the Kilroy Was Here tour, he single-handedly destroyed one of the top-grossing arena bands by hinging the success of its live show on his and Tommy Shaw's inability to act. When it came time to do another reunion tour in 1997, DeYoung begged off with the most imaginative medical excuse ever provided -- that he was sensitive to light! This time out he's dressing like a priest, employing a choir and peppering the set of Styx songs with some Broadway show tunes. Hopefully, one of them will be from his work-in-progress -- a musical version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. A sample lyric from what could be his next "Mr. Roboto" novelty hit, "Hey Quasimodo": "Well the story they tell is he's deaf from the bells, but still has the power to speak/And think? And stink!" As the late Johnny Carson would say, "Funny stuff." Opening the show is John Waite, who's not a real rock star but once played himself on television. Remember ABC's short-lived series Paper Dolls? Good for you!
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Serene Dominic
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