Dephinger joins the Summer of Sound punk show lineup!

By Niki D'Andrea

We are pleased to announce that local bad asses Dephinger have been added to the bill for the New Times Summer of Sound punk show this Saturday, May 24, at Exit 7 in Glendale. They'll be sharing the stage with fellow Phoenix punks Glass Heroes, Asses of Evil, and Harlequin Babies, as well as headlining band The Dickies. Read on for more information about Dephinger.

Dephinger Hey, all you “self-righteous, so-called punks,” Valley scum rock trio Dephinger started playing music eight years ago to piss you off. According to the band’s MySpace page, the initial concept “was basically to get as wasted as possible and suck,” playing “music” (poorly) akin to bloated ‘70s FM rock with nasty-ass lyrics in the vericose vein of G.G. Allin and The Mentors. In 2003, Dephinger decided to take its music in a more “serious” direction, meaning they dropped the noise arena rock bastardizations and showed their true selves – three loud, fast, obnoxious, and insanely drunk punks who make mincemeat out of mosh pits. Dephinger, welcome to your destiny.

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