Club Candids

Detour From Drinking

A Club Candids without drinking? What could possibly make us want to go out besides the sweet promise of bars filled with bountiful booze? The biggest downtown arts event of the year, that's what. This week, we decided to keep our livers clean and take in a little culture on March 2 for Art Detour's First Friday. And with almost everyone else maintaining sobriety, it was nice to take some photos without having to shrug off touchy-feely drunkards.

Even though the evening turned a bit chilly, Roosevelt and Grand were plenty busy, and it seemed that even those who usually don't hit up galleries showed some face to check out the downtown art scene in all its glory, making for a mixed crowd that included everyone from babies in strollers to freaks dressed as fairies. As with any large event, there were plenty of people who wanted to stick out and get attention, making this stroll through the downtown streets perfect for some snapshots.

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Lilia Menconi
Contact: Lilia Menconi