Devendra Banhart Breaks Leg Skateboarding Before Tempe Show, Cancels Tour

The anticipation for freak-folker Devendra Banhart's show at The Clubhouse was palpable Saturday night -- and it all came to a crashing stop thanks to Banhart's affinity for skateboarding. 

The rocker "broke some bone" in his leg whilst tearing it up on his skateboard before his Clubhouse gig, effectively canceling that show and the remaining two dates left on his tour.

Phoenix music fans haven't been this crushed since Surfer Blood flipped everyone the bird by moving their show from the Trunk Space in Phoenix to Club Congress in Tucson (while that sucks, any sane band would rather play Club Congress).

Banhart's cancellation was a topic of much debate with our friends over at Electric Mustache.The Mustachios wonder if Banhart sold out The Clubhouse. I have it on good authority that the show was, indeed, sold out and that tickets were going for upwards of $200 on eBay.

This Devendra Banhart show was a vital piece in The Valley's spring music calender. I'm left wondering why Banhart went skateboarding only hours before he was due to play. If it were NYC, LA or Chicago, Banhart probably would have played it safer. However, Phoenix does not strike the same fear/admiration into the hearts of musicians, so Houston-based long-haired freak folkers with an affinity for mascara feel at ease to go skateboard without a care in the world whenever they stroll through Phoenix.

Shows Canceled [devendrabanhart.com]

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.