A million name changes weren't enough for Sean Combs. Apparently, it was time for another one, according to Paste.

Diddy Temporarily Changes His Name...Again

Rapper and producer Diddy, whose real name is Sean Combs, can't seem to ever settle on a name. Even this time he feels that his new alter ego will only be suitable for a week.

His new name will be Swag, but only for seven days. He says he's doing this in honor of his comeback. What comeback?

Plus, what would changing his name do for him other than create a buzz about him for just a few days? On top of that, one thing I really don't understand is why some people are now ending all of their sentences with the word "swag." Seriously, guys?

Anyway, Puff...I mean Puffy...um, Puff Daddy...er, P. Diddy...has claimed the Twitter domain @iamswag so he can bother you with more unimportant updates and tweets about drinking Ciroc and waking up in the morning and feeling like P. Diddy (or Swag).

Watch a video of Swag explaining his new name, and check out more daily music news and gossip about Judas Priest, Justin Bieber, and My Morning Jacket after the jump...

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