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Diggin' the Stones

In the annals of rock 'n' roll history, nothing matches the Rolling Stones' 40-year-old reputation for sex, scandal and outrage. To see how well you know the Stones' self-made legend, take the Shrapnel quiz on these raunchiest of rockers. The more answers you get right, the greater your, ahem, satisfaction.

1. Although the Stones would be hounded by drug busts throughout the 1960s, what early encounter with the authorities arose from a far less likely circumstance?

2. What 1968 album featured a cover deemed so offensive that a plain white sleeve had to be substituted in the United States?

3. Of all the Stones' famous drug busts during the 1960s, the raid that took place at Keith Richards' country estate on February 12, 1967, may have been the most infamous not only for the substances found but also because of a certain individual involved. Who was the hapless bystander, and what was the controversy?

4. Why was founding guitarist Brian Jones dumped by the Stones in 1969?

5. What is the name of the infamous film that documented the Stones' '72 American tour but has never been officially released because of its X-rated content?


1. Early on, the band members toured in a rented van. Following one late-night gig, they stopped at a petrol station to take a leak. Refused permission, they dutifully went around back, lined up in a perfect pee formation, and took a whiz against the wall, prompting the pissed-off attendant to call the local authorities.

2. Beggars Banquet. The reason for the uproar? The cover depicted a graffiti-strewn bathroom complete with commode. Pretty tame by today's standards.

3. Singer Marianne Faithfull, who was caught clad in nothing but a towel. At the time, she claimed she had just stepped out of the bath. When asked in court if he found this proper behavior, Richards told the magistrate, "We are not old men. We are not worried about petty morals." Contrary to her surname, Faithfull "dated" no fewer than three of the Stones (Mick Jagger, Richards, and Jones) but eventually decided Mick was the best in bed.

4. Jones' series of drug busts began taking its toll, and when Richards absconded with Jones' lady friend, Anita Pallenberg, it sent him rolling like a stone downhill. (Incidentally, it was Pallenberg who allegedly encouraged the band to dabble in witchcraft, an obvious inspiration for the song "Sympathy for the Devil.") By the time the band entered the studio to begin Beggars Banquet in 1968, Jones was nodding off during recording sessions and often crying inconsolably.

5. Cocksucker Blues. The name says it all. Those scenes of groupies giving the crew head weren't set up -- proof there was reality entertainment way before Survivor.

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