Dirty Boys Take the Mic This Week

Stand-up-comedian-turned-mediocre-movie-star Dane Cook blew up about 10 years ago with his brand of frat boy/locker room humor (I personally prefer Jason Sudeikis' impression to the real thing, but that's neither here nor there).

But it's no secret that Cook borrows bits and pieces every now and then from his predecessors, including comedian Robert Schimmel. A dirtier, rawer version of Cook, Schimmel has been a fixture on the stand-up circuit for more than 20 years (Check out this highly NSFW but also highly hilarious clip). Schimmel will be at the Tempe Improv from Thursday through Sunday, likely pontificating on sex and people he doesn't like, and could even mine his battle with non-Hodgkins lymphoma for some humor.

A fitting opener for Schimmel's Valley stint, college comedy favorite Daniel Tosh will be performing at ASU Gammage tomorrow night. His material is slightly less raunchy but clever, complete with spot-on observations of the homeless, Middle America and Cold Stone Creamery.

And if all that doesn't quench your thirst for off-color, bro-dog humor, Crown Prince Cook will be swinging through the Valley May 28. 

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Yvonne Zusel
Contact: Yvonne Zusel