DJ Dossier

DJ Babel on the Joys of Junglism, Partying With Tone Loc, and His Acid Jazz Side Project

Local spinster Rodrick Mullins typically performs under the spinster moniker DJ Babel (which is an acronym for Beyond All Beliefs Entertain Life). Frankly, he might as well change his nickname to DJ Jungle Boy, since the 34-year-old has a major yen for wild and chaotic variant of drum 'n' bass.

Mullins has been a hardcore junglist since he first started his DJ career back in the Midwest during the late-1990s. He's stuck with it over the past 15 years and has been spotted at such local venues as School of Rock spinning up heavy-duty jungle and d'n'b beats.

We recently spoke with Mullins about his junglist ways, as well as his other alter ego downtempo/acid jazz solo side project Babelonious Thunk and what it was like to hang out with Tone Loc and Digital Underground at local after-hours party.

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