DJ Dossier

DJ BC/AD Talks Bill Murray, Soulwax, Gil Scott-Heron, Ugly Sweaters, Cee-Lo, and More

Name: Juan Carlos Lenz


Current club nights: I [mainly] DJ at Ransom and White Rabbit. I have joined the Night Thieves DJ group with Zachary J. Stevens. I'm also DJing on Friday at Brick with Pete Salaz, heading over to Ransom to finish up, and I will be at the Vig Uptown with Sean Watson on Saturday, and then heading over to White Rabbit (which is also at Brick).

Genres spun: I prefer spinning tech-house and progressive house, but at Ransom I'm known for being able to play all genres.

Best experience as a DJ: DJing at Party Foul right before DJ Klever. The crowd was going nuts and everyone was so excited for him. I had one of my best sets because I could just feed off their energy (and if anyone remembers, that place would get bonkers).

And the worst? The worst was DJing for a friend's night and within three minutes this drunk lady approached me and asked me to play Annie Lennox. Her "boyfriend" then almost spilled his beer on my computer.

Craziest shit you've seen at a club gig: I DJed at a 602'sdays at bikini and [during] my second song a fistfight broke out. They almost knocked over the decks. The place got cleared out and we ended up taking the party over to Glam.

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