DJ Dossier

DJ Ill-Legal? on Which Songs He'd Spin While the World Ends

The walls, floors, and fixtures of Bar Smith are definitely gonna be quaking and shaking at some point later tonight. But despite what all those apocalypse nuts might lead you to believe, its not because seismic forces are tearing up the Valley is some end of the world scenario. Nope, its merely because DJ ill-legal? and the others performing at Boomsday are dropping some low-end shit on the mixers.

Like most sane folks, ill-legal (a longtime resident of UK Thursdays) doesn't believe that Armageddon will occur today. At the same time, he's prepared for the unlikely, and has already figured out what tracks he'll spin if flaming comets come from above or if zombies start roaming the earth, as well as which of his fellow DJs he'd sacrifice should an undead flesh-eater starts staggering his way.

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