DJ Italian Sensation Visits Afterlife in Old Town Scottsdale Tonight

Just when we thought that the only things to come out of the Garden State over the last few years were the Jersey Shore brats and corrupt politicians, DJ Italian Sensation goes and proves us wrong.

The Newark native certainly knows his way around a pair of turntables, as evidenced by videos such as this, as well as his electrically-charged electro-house, techno and progressive mixes.

He's spun for thousands in cities like L.A. and Seattle, as well as those in attendance at Phoenix's edition of Hard Dance Nation last December. Fliers and promo ads for Italian Sensation carry the phrase "don't miss the beginning of his set," but based on what we've seen and heard, you might want to stick around for the whole gig.

Afterlife owner Aron Mezo has booked Italian Sensation to appear the all-ages/after-hours establishment tonight, but he won't be the only one blasting out the sounds. Friday night residents Jon Amaral, Silent J, and DJ Corruption will also be in the mix.

The music gets going at around 10:30 p.m. and there's a $15 cover for guys, $10 for girls. (Those who e-mail afterlifescottsdale@gmail.com with their info and arrive before 11 p.m. can get $5 off admission).

DJ Italian SenSation - My Angel by DJ LIGHT'S

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