DJ Dossier

DJ JahMek Selecta Talks Reggae, Dennis Brown, Bash on Ash, Aswad, King Tubby, and More

​As you can judge by his answers below, DJ JahMek Selecta can be short and to the point. His music mixes, however, are anything but.

Not that's necessarily a bad thing, as JahMek's supersized soundscapes (some running upwards of 90 minutes) interweave dub, reggae, electronica, and other genres so adroitly that you hardly even notice the time go by.

The reggae remixer's curt responses to our interview question are just one example of his enigmatic nature. The self-described practitioner of "frontline raggamuffin turntablism" is also loathe to reveal his last name, age, or his birthplace, and is also never seen working the record decks without his trademark black hat. Furthermore, JahMek hasn't divulged much about where his Konkrete Jungle Arizona night (which lost its home when The Lucky Devil closed last month) could possibly landing.

See if you can decipher the selecta for yourself by perusing this week's DJ Dossier.

Name: Christopher

AKA: JahMek Selecta

Current club nights: Konkrete Jungle Arizona (we're moving to a new spot soon.)

Genres spun: Dub, jungle, reggae, drum 'n' bass.

How did you get started as a DJ? Love for music at young age.

Explanation behind your DJ name? Family name, comes from the Rastafarian way of life.

What's been your best (and worst) experiences as a DJ? Best is [a] perfect mix, worst is skipping.

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